Just me and my Travelling…


The Palm Trees_Photo taken during my trip to Bicol Province, Philippines… Practicing my Photography

I’m a person who fell in love with travelling since i was young. My family love to bond through travelling, experiencing life together in different places. Through my travelling, i get to learn many things in life. meeting different people and appreciating their cultures. Travelling is the best way to experience life. Some of my blogs are old travel experiences. But memories of it are still fresh in mind, as i never forget every experience and every place i go… and of course, i have a kept a diary of my Travel experiences,… Which i read from time to time, bringing back the memories… I still am an old school type of person when i t comes to writing… Keeping a diary at hand and scribbling notes… Even though i now have my Travel Blog…DSC_1157

i’m also into photography now a days.. Taking time to learn new things… Though i did not take up Photography, i’m trying to take photos that captures me most… My photographs are also my reflections in life… Bringing a meaning to my Journey in life…




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