175_VIGAN ILOCOS SUROur last stop, Baluarte… This place is a private mini zoo of Chavit Singson where he housed his collection of animals… Built for public viewing and entrance here is free… If you have kids travelling with you, this is a perfect place for them and to those who loves animals… 184_VIGAN ILOCOS SUR 176_VIGAN ILOCOS SUR ??????????????????????????????Another attraction that kids will love is the animal encounter… Kids could feed the animals, get close to them… And i can say they did enjoy their animal encounter…?????????? ????????????????????Of course, for us… the butterfly garden was the best… Butterflies hovering above, landing on your arms, back and fingertips… it was just magical!177_VIGAN ILOCOS SUR 179_VIGAN ILOCOS SUR 180_VIGAN ILOCOS SUR ?????????? ??????????Another attraction for kids, i call it the Dinosaur land… 181_VIGAN ILOCOS SUR 182_VIGAN ILOCOS SUR ??????????I would say, this place is perfect for family… Educational for kids and to adults as well…. Even exotic animals are seen in this place… and even though admission is free, still the place is well maintained… Animals are well kept and fed… ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????Yet again, our trip was over. We had to say goodbye to the place… We are very much thankful to God for giving us again the opportunity to travel and experience new things… The trip was a success and i am thankful for the wonderful time spent together… A good family bonding, strengthening the friendship through the years… Good memories to share together as best of friends…178_VIGAN ILOCOS SUR ??????????Until our next travel together!!! To God be the Glory!!!


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